1. Neil Patrick Harris Is Nervous About Acting In Drag

Neil Patrick Harris Is Nervous About Acting In Drag

CONAN Highlight: Neil's gonna do Hedwig on Broadway but Conan warns Neil to eschew the use of duct tape on his junk.


NEIL PATRICK HARRIS: As soon as "how I met your mother" wraps up I'm going to do a show called hedwig and the angry inch.
CONAN: I'm very familiar with that story and it's a transgender show.
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS:  Done brilliantly by John Cameron Mitchell.
Actor-director now and they're bringing it to Broadway.
Playing a transgendered German rock pops, rock singer so I'm going to have to be like all dragged out for the whole show and I'm freaking out.
How do you prepare for that?
CONAN: Well, let me tell you.
You've come to the right place.
I'm just curious -- you're going to have to like get twice --
It's not just like putting on the heels.
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS:  Very transform active.
The drag thing is not supposed to be shocking.
It's well beyond that.
It's a rock monologue, essentially.
Someone said to me you should shave your eyebrows.
Go on.
They said no, because in drag you take a glue stick and if you don't shave your eyebrows you have to glue stick the whole eyebrow, blow it dry and do it again.
Like six times for each eyebrow and you paint the feminine eyebrows above it.
You can do that, which takes forever or just shave your eyebrows.
CONAN: I always heard if you shave the eyebrow it never grows back.
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS:  I know, I'm terrified of that.
CONAN: I would love that because then I could draw different expressions.
Wipe it clean and then I'm mad at you.
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS:  You don't want to look like Whoopi Goldberg.
I'm more worried about the eyebrows than having to tuck my Weiner in with duct tape.
CONAN: Again, you've come to the right place.
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS:  I'm sorry, Carlos danger.
How else are you going to tuck your Weiner down between your legs?
CONAN: It can't be duct tape.
There has to be a device you can purchase.
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS:  Like an infomercial device?
I never thought about how you'd get the duct tape off.
CONAN: Trust me, it's not pleasant.
There has to be a device that hooks on and then there's a crank that pulls it around.
Back and around.
ANDY: Sounds like you've got your next celebrity endorsement.
Conan O'Brien's Weiner keeper.
CONAN: I'm starting to work on this right now.
You having trouble ducking your penis?
Here -- hi, I'm Conan O'Brien.
Here to demonstrate is my friend Andy Richter.
All right, we've wasted valuable time.