1. Conan's Next Famous Intern

Conan's Next Famous Intern

CONAN Highlight: Conan's gonna pick which current intern will join the storied ranks of John Krasinski & Mindy Kaling.


Conan: We have a long history of interns moving on to be big Hollywood stars.
It's all true.
Check out some of the people who have interned at our show.
Mindy Kaling.
Check this out, John Krasinski.
And Ellie Kemper.
They were all interns on our show.
There's more.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
So clearly when it comes to interns, I'm a king maker.
You laugh but it's true.
More important.
That also means that one of our current interns will probably in all likelihood become a big stars.
Why wait for them to become famous?
Let's introduce them to the world now while they're still an intern here on the show?
We'll do that tonight in our brand-new segment, Conan's next famous intern.
All right.
These are the Conan fall experiences.
Let's find out what the odds are that each one may eventually be famous.
Let's start right here.
This is Anthony.
Anthony's an aspiring actor.
He's handsome.
Clearly very handsome.
He's been told by directors that he has star quality.
But unfortunately, he comes from a stable home with a good family.
Judges give him a chance of 50-1.
Not very good.
This is Nicole.
She's an aspiring actress.
She's very beautiful.
She's already landed a small part op "the meant list."
But Nicole had an opportunity to sleep with David spade and turned him down.
10-1 odds for her.
This is Nathan from UCLA.
They -- Nathan is an aspiring actor.
He's a level two Scientologist but unfortunately, he gets nervous around jews 100-1 odds of being famous.
Finally, this is Jack --
[Cheers and applause]
Jack, very much wants to be an actor.
He can't read.
He thinks the sun revolves around the earth.
His current girlfriend is a tumble weed named Melissa.
He prefers an outdoor toilet and he also would not sleep with David spade.
[Cheers and applause]
The chance of becoming famous, 10,000-1.
Nicole's going to be our next famous intern!
Congratulations, Nicole.
Sorry, chum.
We'll take a break.
When we come back...