1. Crossbow Training With Norman Reedus

Crossbow Training With Norman Reedus

CONAN Highlight: You might think "The Walking Dead" star is a natural badass with a crossbow, but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.


CONAN: "The Walking Dead" was on last night.
It's popular and I love the character that uses a high-powered crossbow.
He seems like a natural with the crossbow but He had to undergo months of training.
We got our hands on one of his early combat training videos.
It's really impressive how far He has come as an actor.
Instructor: You've fired a gun before, right? A rifle?
Norman: Yeah, yeah.
Instructor: Now slowly breathe in and out and let the crossbow do the work.
Norman: Way cool.
Instructor: Looks cool, but not the way it's supposed to be done.
Norman: Agh.
Three, two, one!
Instructor: Just resetting the zombie.
Norman: Agh!