1. Rebecca Romijn Is Still Legally "Rebecca Romijn-Stamos"

Rebecca Romijn Is Still Legally "Rebecca Romijn-Stamos"

CONAN Highlight: Even though she's been married to Jerry O'Connell for six years, Rebecca just doesn't want to go to the DMV.


CONAN: How long have you and Mr. Jerry O'Connell been together?
REBECCA ROMIJN: 10 years, married for six.
CONAN: You been married six years.
I want to bring something um --
CONAN: You have to fill out few forms and things when you get here.
They noticed on your driver license, it still says Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.
REBECCA ROMIJN: I've got to get to that.
I am so lazy, I won't go down to the D.M.V. and stand in line and get that changed.
Can you believe that?
CONAN: If you go dressed like that, you will go right to the head of the line.
REBECCA ROMIJN:  I don't think so.
And it's funny because I actually -- a few years ago Jerry and I flew up to visit my mother in the bay area.
And for some reason he bought tickets at 6:00 a.m. flight.
Who does that?
CONAN: Why did he do that?
REBECCA ROMIJN:  For no reason.
I'm sure he is the cheapest ones.
REBECCA ROMIJN:  He's a very notorious cheap scake.
He -- cheapskate, he makes you fly at 6:00 in the morning?
>> So we're running through the airport they're going Mr. Jerry O'Connell and Ms. Rebecca 
Romijn-Stamos over and over again.
We're racing for our flights and I'm so furious hearing this over the P.A. system an I turn to Jerry and go, this is all your fall.
CONAN: That's the wife's wife at that point.
It's all your doing!