1. George R. R. Martin Watches "Red Wedding" Reaction Videos

George R. R. Martin Watches "Red Wedding" Reaction Videos

CONAN Highlight: How does the "Game of Thrones" author react to fan freakouts? With chuckling delight.


CONAN: Huge response to this last show as I said.
You have spent years and years writing, writing these stories and these characters and not knowing what the reaction would be.
There is a clip that is on the Internet right now of fans reacting, youtube video of fans reacting to what you call the red wedding which was the most stunning thing many of us have seen in television maybe ever, certainly in a long, long time.
So let's take a look now.
You get to watch real fans reacting to the scene on Sunday.
Take a look.
>> [Beep].
>> No way!
>> No, no, no!
>> Oh!
>> [Screaming]
>> You guys knew about this?
>> [Sobbing]
>> You know what, this was the best [Beep] show of all time!
[Cheers and Applause]
GEORGE R. R. MARTIN: I like that last guy.
CONAN: Yeah, the last guy.
GEORGE R. R. MARTIN: Of course, all of those clips were set up by people who had read the books 13 years ago and knew what was coming and wanted their friends and relatives and loved ones --