1. The Red Hot Ginger PSA Just Got Hotter

The Red Hot Ginger PSA Just Got Hotter

An art exhibit is trying to sex up redheads' image, but there's one ginger that's clearly the sexiest by far.

See more of the original "RED HOT" exhibit on Facebook.


CONAN: In Great Britain redheads -- in Great Britain they're called gingers, are often made fun of.
I was shocked to find this out.
There's actually a stigma attached to gingers.
ANDY: Bias against redheads.
CONAN: Bias against redheads in Great Britain.
A gallery in London has a new video exhibit that's attempting to remove this stigma by showing redheads in a sexy light, and the video's getting out there, it's online and it's getting some attention.
It's pretty cool.
Check it out.