1. Sharon Osbourne Is Ready To Get Frisky With Prince Charles

Sharon Osbourne Is Ready To Get Frisky With Prince Charles

CONAN Highlight: It's not love; Sharon just wants to sleep her way to a royal title.


CONAN: You said something recently, you said you wanted to have sex with prince Charles.
>> Yes.
CONAN: You just came out and said that.
>> Yes.
CONAN: A lot of questions, first of all did this hurt Ozzy's feelings that you said that.
>> No, because he can [Beep] when, with Camilla when I'm with Charles.
CONAN: Why is that
>> I want a title.
They make you a Dame.
CONAN: You sleep with prince Charles, I don't think that's true.
>> No, you just have to [Beep], [Beep].
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: What the hell was that?
CONAN: And is it true?
CONAN: You do what you got to do.
Wait a minute, you said this, you said that you wanted to do this.
What are the repercussions?
Did you ever hear from the royals?
Did you ever hear back?
You have socialized with these people, you have sat down and broken bread with prince Charles and Camilla.
>> A lot.
CONAN: Did they respond to you when you said it?
>> I didn't exactly go right for it.
I kind of like skirted around the perimeter like --
CONAN: All right.
You propose aid couple swap?
>> Yeah.
CONAN: When you were with the prince, prince Charles, have you ever flirted with him directly?
>> Yes, I do this on his leg while we're talking eating dinner.
CONAN: Show me.
I didn't understand.
>> OK.
CONAN: You did that, OK, now I get it.
I couldn't tell from this angle.
>> We do this and we were chatty and whisper.
CONAN: You rubbed his leg?
>> Yes.
CONAN: Just below the knee area of the leg.
>> Ish.
CONAN: You went north?
>> I bent down to pick up my napkin and then I came up, I accidentally knocked him.
CONAN: Knocked him?
>> In the crotch.
CONAN: In the crotch.
This is turning into a legal deposition.
ANDY: You went on a hunt for the royal jewels.
>> I did, I went for the crown.
CONAN: Oh, my God.