1. EXCLUSIVE: J.J. Abrams Shows A Deleted "Star Trek Into Darkness" Scene

EXCLUSIVE: J.J. Abrams Shows A Deleted "Star Trek Into Darkness" Scene

CONAN Highlight: To answer charges of sexism in "Star Trek," J.J. shows a cut scene of Benedict Cumberbatch showering.


CONAN: I was quite happy about this scene, there is a scene where Alice eve, Curt gets a quick look at her in her underwear.
J.J. ABRAMS: She was changing and it's Kirk who was a womanizing character.
The idea was have a beat like that in the midst of all of this action and adventure, he looks and looks away.
I don't think I edited the scene in the right way.
It was a balance, there was a scene earlier where he is not dressed either.
It was sort of a tradeoff.
Some people did feel like it was, you know, exploiting her and while she is lovely, I can also see their point of view.
CONAN: I think we should explore this more.
This is the photo still of her in the scene, very beautiful.
And you defended this.
You can take it away, that's OK, our director wanted to keep it up.
J.J. ABRAMS: I'm not defending it, but we have a picture of Kirk who is also -- he is about to tell a girl --
CONAN: That's OK, we balance it out.
J.J. ABRAMS: This is true.
We had a shot of the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch.
CONAN: He is a great actor.
J.J. ABRAMS: We had a scene with him where we saw him actually taking a shower.
I actually brought a piece of the clip.
CONAN: This didn't make it?
J.J. ABRAMS: This is one of the things we ended up cutting so we can show it.
CONAN: Let's take a look at this.
CONAN: He is not enjoying that shower very much.
J.J. ABRAMS: It's the shower of evil.
CONAN: A shower of evil.
I saw that seconds before the show and I thought that would look better with different music.
J.J. ABRAMS: What do you mean?
CONAN: Take a look.
 [Cheers and Applause]
J.J. ABRAMS: I would have used it if we had had that music.
CONAN: You don't access to that.
J.J. ABRAMS: That's true.
CONAN: I have a budget here that you could never dream of, you poor man.