1. Songs To Sing To Cats

Songs To Sing To Cats

CONAN Highlight: Combat the scourge of cat song writer's block with ditties like "Hey You Fuzzy Guy."


CONAN: I'm excited because tonight we're happy to introduce a new local sponsor to the program.
Local sponsor.
JIMMY: that's great news.
CONAN: Yeah, and actually we have their latest  ad.
We're going to show it to you now.
Take a look.
>> Hey there, Mr. Cat.
You look so Fuzzy and -- and -- damn it!
>> Honey, what's wrong?
>> I just -- I don't know what to sing to the cat.
>> Oh.
>> Do you have cat songwriter's block?
Then you need songs you can sing to your cat.
Singing to your cat is an important part of all of our daily lives.
Important studies show that singing to cats is good.
So don't -- so don't.
So don't let cat songwriter's block get you down.
Get "songs you can sing to your cat."
Songs like --
>> You're the best, even though you have stuffing for brains.
>> Who's the cat?
You're the cat.
>> I got a kitty for a mustache and I'm going to the bar tonight
>> You're more important than anyone else.
You're my favorite
>> Hey, it's Mr. Black and white.
You're like a furry oreo but much more delicious.
Just kidding I wouldn't eat you it wouldn't taste good too much blood
>> And many meow more.
Act now and you'll get this bonus C.D.
Half a song you can sing to your dog --
>> You're the greatest dog in the --
>> Plus, the free your cat won't look at it ball.
It's a ball your cat is guaranteed not to look at.
Put your wall let in an envelope and send to it songs you can sing to your cat.
Behind the subway sandwiches in the city you live in and then the zip code.
>> Who's Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy
CONAN: That's stupid.
No, no, no.
Please, that was too stupid.
All right.