1. Steve Martin Does Conan's Famous "Top Ten" List

Steve Martin Does Conan's Famous "Top Ten" List

CONAN Highlight: Conan tries to tell Steve it's Letterman's bit, but he just keeps plowing forward.


CONAN: I've said this many times before, what a sincere thrill it is for me to have you on the show.
I'm such an enormous fan of yours.
STEVE MARTIN: Well, I would really like to repay that compliment.
I really, really would.
And I hope one day, one day, I really would.
Seriously, I totally admire you.
And what I really admire about the show is you've managed to establish these -- what they call running gags, these established bits that you can go back to and the audience loves them.
It's clear that you love them.
You can always go back to that comedy well and really just set that drill in there and go down there and suck them dry till they're completely, you know, dehydrated and just used.
And just when you think there's nothing left, you go back and I've always wanted to be a part of one of those classics.
CONAN: It's a great analogy, terrific analogy, yeah.
STEVE MARTIN: And I chose one.
CONAN: You chose one of our bits?
STEVE MARTIN: I actually prepared --
CONAN: You chose one of our bits.
CONAN: This is exciting.
STEVE MARTIN: I prepared my very own "top 10 list."
This one is top 10 things Conan O'Brien will say to ruin this top 10 list.
CONAN: Steve, I don't want to ruin this for you, but that is letterman's bit.
STEVE MARTIN: Number 10, that's letterman's bit.
CONAN: I'm not kidding.
Steve, letterman has been doing top 10 lists for over 10 years.
STEVE MARTIN: Number nine, I'm not kidding, Steve, letterman has been doing the top 10 list for over 10 years.
CONAN: No, really, you have to stop this.
CONAN: Please.
CONAN: Stop.
PAUL: That is kooky, man.
Who the hell is that?
STEVE MARTIN: Who the hell is that.
And number two --
CONAN: Steve, I appreciate your commitment, but I'm asking you as a friend, please stop doing the top 10 list.
It's bordering on disrespectful to letterman.
He's writing everything I'm saying.
How are you even doing that?
STEVE MARTIN: All right, and the number one -- the number one bit is --
CONAN: I'm sorry, we're out of time.
STEVE MARTIN: We're out of time!
CONAN: All right.