1. Vince Gilligan Reveals His Next Project

Vince Gilligan Reveals His Next Project

CONAN Highlight: The "Breaking Bad" creator's incredible follow-up to Walter White's adventures is absolutely nuts.


CONAN: There's been some talk in the press about Vince Gilligan doing a show for CBS.
I think that's just an Internet rumor, OK?
I happen to know exactly what Vince Gilligan is working on.
In fact, this is the big scoop, Vince has picked our show to announce his next big project.
Take a look.
Announcer: An important announcement from the creator of "breaking bad."
Vince Gilligan: People have been asking me what my next project will be?
Another TV show?
A movie?
No, I'm dedicating my career to hand crafted walnut dioramas.
I call this fishing.
Because it's a walnut and it's fishing.
This one the walnut is playing golf.
The eye fell off but I can probably fix that.
This is, of course, Greg Norman the shark.
As you can see he's two under par.
And if you like "breaking bad" you'll love this.
All your characters rendered in loving detail.
Except as walnut.
There's Jesse.
There's Walt and Hank and good old Gus frank.
This is Anna Gunn real hair.
The creative possibilities are obviously plentiful.
The walnut could be playing basketball.
The walnuts could be playing billiards.
They could be playing tennis or ice hockey.
They can be playing Canadian rules football.
Man: Time to go.
Let's get you some rest.
Announcer: The walnut diorama collection from Vince Gilligan.
Look, it's been a pretty stressful couple of years.
[Cheers and applause]