1. Conan O'Brien Will Conquer LinkedIn

Conan O'Brien Will Conquer LinkedIn

Conan's intent on expanding his social media empire -- and won't stop until he's the #1 Influencer on LinkedIn.

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  • Transcript:

    CONAN: I want to mention one thing.
    Everybody's talking about celebrities and their digital presence.
    Today my digital team called me into their offices.
    I thought that was a little inappropriate.
    ANDY: Get down here.
    CONAN: They were like come down, come down.
    So I went to their offices an they gave me a rundown about my social presence, all right, which is very useful.
    Foast hi good -- mostly good news.
    I have almost nine million followers on twitter.
    Good news.
    Almost four million followers on Google plus.
    Over two million likes on Facebook.
    And yeah, and almost one million subscribers on YouTube.
    That's good news.
    That's good news.
    But there's one vital piece missing from the Conan social media empire.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I have zero followers on linked in.
    Well, guess what?
    That's about to change.
    While other celebrities spend their time spend their time getting more twitter followers and Facebook likes.
    I decide a few hours ago, I'm going to conquer linked in.
    Yes, I am.
    [Cheers and applause]
    That's right!
    That's right.
    That's right.
    Here's the only problem, I don't know what linked in is.
    ANDY: What is it?
    CONAN: I don't know.
    I've never been on the sight.
    I keep asking people.
    Nobody knows.
    Nobody knows.
    In spite of that, I went ahead and I created a linked in profile.
    Here's my header.
    Conan, overview.
    Conan past temporary consultant at the tonight show with Conan O'Brien.
    And I was a lighting designer at applebees.
    Education, yes.
    Connection, zero connections.
    ANDY: Not yet.
    CONAN: Here's some more of my profile.
    Talk, pre-talking, pretending to listening, and blaming my father and Microsoft xl.
    An Oscar for a supporting role for Michael Clayton.
    Yeah, very proud of my work on that movie.
    So basically linked in, I'm talking to you now.
    That's right, linked in, I will not rest until I become the number one personal or influencer as you call it on your sight.
    This is -- there's a term all the kids are throwing around.
    Anyway, this is going to be easy.
    Here are the top linked in influenceers.
    Richard Branson with 2.5 million.
    Dr. Choprak with two million.
    Linked in, make me an influencer or all my fands and even if you're not watching and you're not a fan, you wandered on to this and you despise me but you have nothing better to do, connection with me at www.linkedin/ConanO'Brien.
    Today we will complete the Conan social media empire and waste America's time once again.
    Let's do this!