1. Conan's Oscar Movie Reviews

Conan's Oscar Movie Reviews

We're not positive, but an all-Russell Crowe version of "Les Misérables" could be inspiring.


CONAN: First one is Argo
did you see it?
It's nominated for seven Oscars.
It's a true story that took place in 1979.
But sometimes I felt director and star Ben Affleck was trying a little too hard to evoke the 1970's.
Take a look at this clip.
>> You're telling me that there is a movie company in Hollywood right now that is funded by the C.I.A.?
ANDY: Looked out of play in Tehran, too.
CONAN: He really stood out.
Up next is "Les Miserables" with eight nominations.
I thought it was fantastic.
But a lot of people criticized -- oh, very nice, yeah.
But a lot of people criticized Russell Crowe's singing.
Here's a snippet of Russell Crowe singing.
five years for what you did the rest because you tried to run CONAN: Well, the director stands by Russell Crowe's performance.
The director loved him so much in the original Cust the movie he had Crowe sing all of the parts.
Take a look at this early version of "les mis."
yes it's true.
They keep a man and his wife at the end of the day \[Applause]
CONAN: Yeah, that was crazy, that was crazy.
And guess what?
They even had Russell Crowe sing the credits.
Take a look.
the movie's over here's the credits \[Applause]
ANDY: That is weird.
CONAN: Insanity.
Next is Anna karenina based on a classic Russian novel.
But I think the producers of the film tried too hard to make the movie appeal to a young, modern audience.
>> Now we can be together.
>> How can we, Alexi?
>> Tell her everything.
>> Do you think my husband will make a presents of me?
Leave him and be your mistress?
>> Yes, run away.
>> I would never see my son again.
>> Stop!
>> I'll never forgive myself.
>> This is my happiness.
CONAN: Next, it's Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," which led the way with 12 nominations.
One of Spielberg's brilliant touches is the way he foreshadows's Lincoln's assassination.
I know this crowd is going to love this one.
I think it's very effective.
>> That's a rule that Mattic reasoning.
It's true, because it works.
It's a sturdy profession.
>> Only reason they don't throw things and spit on me is because you're so popular.
I can't concentrate.
CONAN: Oh, so I guess that's OK.
It's not too soon anymore.
Now it's just the right time.
Our final movie is "the hob it" with three nominations.
Now the movie was a disappointment at the box office, and I think I know why.
They made Gollum way too scary in the new film.
Take a look.
>> My name is Bilbo Baggins.
>> I'm honey boo boo.
CONAN: Yikes!