1. Cookie Monsters Bares All With Dr. Oz

Cookie Monsters Bares All With Dr. Oz

All that cookie scarfing is masking a darkness in one muppet's soul; luckily Dr. Oz is on the case.


CONAN: Dr. Oz just started a new season.
He's already working hard to get big ratings.
Now, that's fine.
Don't mind that but I have to question Dr. Oz's decision to have the cookie monster from "Sesame Street" on his show.
I thought it was a little borderline.
Dr. Oz: Cookie monster, he's here!
[Cheers and Applause]
the real thing!
Oh, cookie monster, I'm so happy you're here!
You speak about the demons of depression.
What are the triggers that make you medicate yourself with alcohol?
Cookie Monster: Tough questions!
Dr. Oz: You know, addiction travels so closely to depression.
What happen when's you get depressed?
Dr. Oz: In order to control yourself, you have to learn strategies!
Dr. Oz: You're very honest about the sex in your life.
Is it an effort to destroy yourself?
Cookie Monster: Me think we winning battle, but it's tough, toughest battle me ever face.
Dr. Oz: See you all next time!
CONAN: I just think of tone of that interview was all off.
The way he gets his face so close to him at the end.
That creeped me out.