1. Anthony Weiner's "Cubicle Guy" Strikes Again

Anthony Weiner's "Cubicle Guy" Strikes Again

Not content with popping up at Weiner's press conference, the Cubicle Guy has hit the road.


CONAN: I don't know how many of you saw this big news story yesterday, Anthony Weiner's press conference.
But it turned out he wasn't the only creepy guy on camera.
Did you see the guy who kept popping up from behind the cubicle?
Check this out.
There it is.
He pops up.
and he keeps speaking over.
And then he pops up again and he kept doing that.
He kept doing that.
Over and over again.
that's hilarious.
I couldn't -- that's like -- who is that guy?
Did you see that, Andy?
ANDY: So unprofessional.
A news conference for God's sake.
you got 30 cameras and Anthony Weiner on the other side.
Just lay low.
How hard is that?
It's not like he didn't know what was going on.
He knew they were on TV.
ANDY: Yeah.
And I understand that's where the guy works.
And he's trying to do his job.
But come on.
You're acting like a prairie dog.
On national television.
I mean, you better expect some negative attention.
CONAN: Yeah.
Well, anyway, I guess the guy got his 15 minutes of fame because everybody was talking about it today.
ANDY: Well, yeah, sure.
But at what cost?
You may be a grown man.
But you look like a high school dufus.
now photo bombing somebody.
CONAN: You're right, Andy.
That's exactly right.
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