1. Norman Reedus & Steven Yeun Want A Glenn/Daryl Romance

Norman Reedus & Steven Yeun Want A Glenn/Daryl Romance

If "The Walking Dead" makes it to a seventh season, get ready for some red-hot Glaryl love scenes in the woods.

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  • Transcript:

    Before Norman Reedus comes out, I have to ask you, Steven, you joked or was it he who joked, one of you joked about your characters, Glenn and Daryl hooking up.
    I think he made that joke.
    He thought that actually it was possible that your characters could hook up on the show.
    STEVEN YEUN: I think --
    LAUREN COHEN: Everybody thinks it's possible.
    STEVEN YEUN: That's a season seven b-storyline that could take off.
    CONAN: That's a b-story?
    LAUREN COHEN: That's a TV show spinoff.
    STEVEN COHEN: Beginning b story, it turns into the primary a story.
    You see them go off on a run.
    One person falls and the other person falls on top of the other person.
    And then they're confused and then it rights itself from there.
    LAUREN COHEN: Daryl also keeps his eyes open.
    CONAN: Yes, that's how you know.
    You keep your eyes open.
    You keep your eyes open.
    And then yay!
    ANDY: A montage of you trying on hats for each other.
    CONAN: Pretty woman, for God's sakes.
    What about Steven's idea for your two characters?
    Let's recap how it works.
    You're out on a run together.
    I love that it begins when one of you falls and the other than falls on top of you accidentally.
    That's usually how these love affairs begin.
    ANDY: I think that's how homosexuality was invented.