1. "Diablo III" Has Some Pretty Weird Voiceover Work

"Diablo III" Has Some Pretty Weird Voiceover Work

For such a dark, gritty game, it seems to feature a lot of lighthearted somersaulting.

  • Free demo of "Diablo III" now available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live.
  • Transcript:

    Conan: The popular game "Diablo III" was released and I've been playing it at home to test drive it.
    The character voices and the dialogue in the game really don't seem to suit the dark and violent tone of that world in my opinion.
    I was very, very disappointed.
    I'll show you something.
    Check it out.
    Diablo III Characters: Achoo.
    Damn, these allergies.
    I'm ready for an adventure.
    These guys outbid me at the antique show.
    Let's stand by this roaring fire.
    Let's make s'mores.
    Running through the woods.
    No somersaults.
    Ho, ho, ho.
    Maybe an I.P.A., nothing too happy.
    And I'll have a mango Margarita.
    Thanks for the drinks, toodaloo.