1. Diane Kruger's Disastrous First Date With Joshua Jackson

Diane Kruger's Disastrous First Date With Joshua Jackson

Considering Diane had an allergy attack in Joshua's filthy car, it's a miracle he got a second date.


CONAN: I've interviewed your boyfriend, Joshua Jackson.
You guys have been going out --
Diane: Seven years.
CONAN: Seven years.
You have been dating.
Is this true he tricked you into going in a first date?
Diane: Kind of true.
I agreed -- I agreed to have drinks with him.
And he shows up in my hotel.
I was living in Los Angeles.
Hetches at the, he was at the bar.
It's 9:00 and I'm ready to leave.
And he definitely wants -- let's go.
We have dinner reservations.
And I felt really bad because he looked very eager.
And he put on a clean shirt.
And so I kind of -- OK.
Let's go.
We went to dinner.
And he took me to this romantic place which is really awkward when you think of it.
Now I'm in a romantic setting.
CONAN: It's intense for a first date.
Diane: It was overgrown with these beautiful flowers to which I had a huge allergic reaction to like really, really bad.
I was sneezing and coughing.
I couldn't say anything.
My eyes were watery.
I thought he's probably going to say let's call it a day.
Let's go home.
Or I'm going to bring you home.
He talked about himself for an hour and a half nonstop because he was so embarrassed that I was like -- and then he took me back to my hotel in his car which is a piece of shit, excuse me.
The door was eaten by his dog.
If you know Josh, you know he's not the tidiest of guys.
Trust me, it was not cute.
And then he leans in for a kiss. I swear to God I was like should I slap him --
ANDY: Or should I date him for seven years?
CONAN: It's one or the other.
Diane: You're so right.
He was very cute.
So I ran away practically and I thought this guy's never going to call me again or talk to me.
And then he sends flower the next day with a box of Kleenex.
CONAN: Oh, that's nice.
So he won you over.
Diane: With that.
That was kind of cute.
CONAN: I love when you said he looked so cute because he looked so eager.
That never worked for me.
Looking sad and eager got me nowhere.
Diane: Really?
I'm a sucker, I guess.
CONAN: No, got me nothing!
Diane: I'm sorry.
CONAN: Thank you so much.
I wanted you to apologize for my problems in the 1980's.