1. Dr. Phil McGraw Doesn't Get Internet Sex

Dr. Phil McGraw Doesn't Get Internet Sex

He's mystified how Manti Te'o never saw his "girlfriend" after dating for so long.


CONAN: Dr. Phil, you've been married quite a long time.
How's it going with you in the bedroom?
DR. PHIL: You're kidding!
Look at this!
Isn't that what you said?
CONAN: Yes, I did.
But it seemed to work for me.
Let me ask you this -- do you like talking about that stuff?
I mean, I find that I -- I don't talk about those things often.
Do you enjoy talking about that?
DR. PHIL: Not to you.
Well, how about on television?
Let's say if someone else were asking the question.
DR. PHIL: If one wants to come and talk about it, it's OK with me.
It's all right with me.
I don't take my shoe off and dig my toe in the carpet.
CONAN: Is that what you're into?
Sounds like you've got a toe thing going on.
What are gets me is I don't get people having all of this Internet sex without meeting each other.
CONAN: Let me explain how that works because I get it.
It's the an anonymity about it.
You can say Cronan o'Ryan.
I think you're right.
There's no intimacy there.
DR. PHIL: Internet sex is not sex!
Are you kidding me?
These people say they're having phone sex and Internet sex. I'm sorry.
I'm just an old country boy from Texas.
You've got to be together to have sex.
Typing stuff up is not having sex.
This doesn't qualify.
CONAN: Andy, weigh in here because Andy has a ton of Internet sex.