1. Edie Falco Interview 05/07/13

Edie Falco Interview 05/07/13

Edie talks about bringing her kids to set, coloring her hair, and why she gets in trouble for saying "Nurse Jackie" isn't a comedy.


CONAN: I mentioned this backstage but I love your hair.
You're a red head.
EDIE FALCO: Red head?
There's a little red going on in the lights.
CONAN: You went to your person and said give me the Conan.
EDIE FALCO: Embarrassing.
CONAN: It looks fantastic.
EDIE FALCO: I did it for a play that I was doing.
CONAN: They say that changing your hair color and we were briefly chatting about this backstage, but if you change your hair color, you feel a little different.
EDIE FALCO: You start behaving differently.
CONAN: I always thought if I had jet black hair people would treat me with more respect.
EDIE FALCO: I hate to break it to you.
CONAN: I'm barking up the wrong tree.
It looks fantastic.
EDIE FALCO: It's going to be short lived but thank you anyway.
CONAN: You say you have two children.
And they're what ages?
EDIE FALCO: 8 and 5.
CONAN: When you're on the set on "nurse Jackie," do you bring them on the set in
>> -- on the set?
EDIE FALCO: I'm careful about what they see.
My 5-year-old doesn't like the blood and the prosthetics.
My 5-year-old calls action.
CONAN: And the union.
EDIE FALCO: They're around a lot.
It's like having little gremlins on the set.
CONAN: It's funny because when I bring my kids here they run all around the place and every now and again they wander in front of the cameras and they stop in front of the camera and they're like, huh?
And then like ah.
EDIE FALCO: You're in big trouble.
CONAN: No, no, no, I do not like that at all.
"nurse Jack qui," it's hard -- "nurse Jackie" it's hard to believe this is season five.
Do you find yourself in this role?
You're playing this nurse -- has this made you less squeamish?
EDIE FALCO: I kind of wasn't but I've fallen under my own sort of spell. Like something happens on someone on the street.
And I'm like, I can handle this.
There's no script and I wouldn't know what to do.
But I started having this phony kind of --
CONAN: You have this feeling that let me in there.
I know thelingo.
EDIE FALCO: That's right.
CONAN: I need seven C.C.'s of diyadalador.
EDIE FALCO: That's a dinosaur.
According to my son.
CONAN: Give me a stegasaurus.
But you're not a squeamish person to begin with.
EDIE FALCO: I used to watch those shows long before "nurse Jackie"
started happen.
Not a dock cue drama but like E. -- not a docudrama.
CONAN: You won "nurse Jackie" for comedy.
But you don't see it as a comedy.
EDIE FALCO: It's not that funny.
I think it's a funny show.
But when you think about, you know, when I think comedy, I think "will & grace," "30 rock."
It's a different animal.
I get crap about this every time.
CONAN: Oh, is this from the writers?
EDIE FALCO: No, from kind of everybody.
CONAN: My writers get mad when I say, I really don't see this as an audience show.
And the audience is like no, he's right.
It's more of a dramaty.
Will Conan survive the night?
So yeah, I think that's a compliment that it blends so well.
So I mean, I don't know.
I hope so.
CONAN: You just got a show runner that was working on Dexter has come to work on your show.
The minute I heard that, I thought you're going to start murdering people.
You're going to become a Searle killer.
EDIE FALCO: Well, I'm not going to say or people won't want the season.
CONAN: That's very, very clever.
EDIE FALCO: Totally kidding.
I was just kidding.
CONAN: You had everybody riveted.
Edie Falco reveals that nurse Jackie is on a killing spree in the new episode.