1. Evangeline Lilly Hates Her "Best Butt Ever" Cover

Evangeline Lilly Hates Her "Best Butt Ever" Cover

Evangeline was on the cover of "Women's Health" but it was way too cheesecakey for her tastes.


CONAN: You're on the cover of "women's health" and you're such a beautiful woman and been in so many great films and they go "best butt ever" and have an arrow going to your butt.
Is that something they tell you before the shoot?
Evangeline: No!
Do you think I would have done the shoot if they said oh, by the way we're going to say best butt ever and put a big arrow to your behind?
Every woman is after a classy image.
CONAN: I would do a cover if they said best butt ever.
I would be there like, check it out.
Evangeline: I didn't want t and a on my cover.
It's a women's magazine, not "Maxim.”
CONAN: When that happened did you call them up and say what's going on?
Evangeline: I did, I said rah, rah, rah.
CONAN: You became a pirate?
I have to congratulate you.
Since the last time I saw you, you had a baby.
Evangeline: I did.
And I still have the best butt ever!
CONAN: You can do it.
You're allowed to do it but no one else can do it.
Evangeline: Exactly.
CONAN: What is your baby's name?
Evangeline: Kahikele.
CONAN: What?
Evangeline: Try and say it.
CONAN: Smaug?
Evangeline: Think of a bale of hay.
It's Hawaiian.
It means "the thunder.”
He was, my son was born outside in Hawaii in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm so insane that we had an island-wide power outage.
Two water tornadoes came into Honolulu harbor and ripped things up.
The three of us were sleeping in our beds but were awoken out of our beds because of the storm.
we had to name him after the big spirit that came.
CONAN: What if he had been born during a traffic jam?
"we call you traffic jam"?
We call you "light drizzle.”
We call you "low pressure front.”
Now he's 2 1/2?
Evangeline: Yeah.
A big boy now.
CONAN: That's a lot of pressure for a guy to be called "the thunder.”
Ladies, the thunder's here.
I'm glad I wasn't called the thunder.
Evangeline: If it was an English name we would have avoided thunder altogether.
CONAN: Yeah.
Well, we have a clip here from "the hobbit -- the desolation of smaug" which is absolutely fantastic.
Take a look.
Evangeline: You were tracking a company of 13 dwarves.
[speaking foreign language]
Man: I would not antagonize her.
Evangeline: You like killing people?
You like death?
[speaking foreign language]
And you wrote, pretty much out of time but you wrote a children's book, the skwiker wonkers.
Is that right?
Evangeline: Right.
CONAN: I know.
You are so good at pronouncing things.
it's making you so much more attractive.
CONAN: Where were we starting?
Have you read it to your child?
Evangeline: I have.
He gets bored by the fifth page.