1. Fan Correction: That's Not Popeye's Catchphrase!

Fan Correction: That's Not Popeye's Catchphrase!

Ryann thinks Conan bungled the spinachy sailor's motto, but Conan's got it in black and white.

Think you've spotted an error on CONAN? Make a brief video explaining the alleged screwup, upload it to Fan Corrections, and see if you've got what it takes to make chumpmeat out of the maestro.


CONAN: This, of course, is a segment where viewers try to find mistakes on our show.
So far hundreds of challengers.
Not one winner.
We've never made a mistake.
ANDY: There goes another one.
CONAN: What the hell was that?
ANDY: That was someone trying to criticize you.
Well, tonight 
I've never seen that before.
ANDY:Wipe it up with a flower.
CONAN:Here, come into my camera one more time.
Anyway, we have a great show and --
ANDY: Sorry, Mr. O'Brien.
CONAN: Spit comes out when I do that.
ANDY: You better get it out before Bill Hader comes.
CONAN: Well, guess what?
I think it was "fan correction."
I don't know what we're doing.
It's "fan correction."
Someone said they're trying to catch us.
Tonight a fan named rhianne said she caught a mistake when I recently did an impression of Popeye on the show.
>> Hi, Conan.
I'm pretty sure I found an error.
On your episode on June 26 you were talking about the interview that Matt Lauer did with Paula Deen and in the interview Paula commented, "I is what I is."
>> During an interview, Paula Deen started crying and said, "I is what I is."
So apparently Deen is not racist, she's Popeye.
>> I need to correct you, Conan, because Popeye never said, "I is what I is."
Popeye always said, "I am what I am."
>> I am what I am and that's all what I am, I'm Popeye the sailor man.
>> So I think I've got you, Conan.
CONAN: Well, rhianne, very nice try, but I'm sorry, you are completely wrong.
Popeye did say, "I is what I is."
The clip you showed was from 1933.
I was referring to the 1932 Popeye, which was before Popeye had completed his formal education.
To prove it, take a look at this exclusive Popeye cartoon from 1932.
>> Oh, Popeye, save me.
>> Don't worry, sweetie, I is what I is.
>> That's grammatically incorrect.
>> She's right.
It should be, I am what I am.
>> I knows.
I'm just not educated.
But you'll see, I'll go back to school and get me G.E.D. and by 1933 I'll be using the good grammar.
>> Look out, Popeye.
>> I graduated from Princeton.
>> Well, then you deserve this --
CONAN: I never knew bluto went on Princeton.
If you think you spotted an error on our show, report it to teamcoco.com/hahaIfoundanerror.