1. Gemma Arterton Once Punched A Bum

Gemma Arterton Once Punched A Bum

Actually, Gemma is a Brit, so she said "tramp," because to her, "punching a bum" is something MUCH weirder.


CONAN: You know what, you're a very convincing as a bad-ass.
We say bad-ass in this country, a tough character.
Is that -- and I was wondering if your past have you ever gotten into a fight with anybody?
Do you have that side to you?
Can you -- have you ever thrown a punch?
I hate to say I have.
Always in self-defense.
The last time was when I, a tramp which is a bum -- my bum which is ass in America speak.
I punched him in the face and I ran out the street in heels.
He was kind of comedy.
And he lurged after me.
-- and he lurched after me.
CONAN: Was he quasi moto.
Like how you said "tramp."
GEMMA: Tramp ask a -- tramp is a bum.
CONAN: A night they do a campfire and they do little dances.
GEMMA: No, that's what we call them in the U.K.
And bum is an ass.
Went to another place.
We have a clip here from "Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunters."
I believe this was a scene where you share this scene with another bond girl.
Is that right?
GEMMA: That's right.
We never really spoke about that.
But yes.
We even fight each other.
Bond girl and bond girl fight.
CONAN: I've had that dream many times.
I wake up crying.
Let's take a look at this clip from "Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunters."
>> Gretel, famous witch hunter.
I finally meet you.
>> Who are you?
>> You got my invitation.
>> Say your name.
>> I go by many names.
>> None of which you're worthy to pronounce.
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: Don't bring the kids.