1. Heather Graham Studied The Hour-Long Orgasm

Heather Graham Studied The Hour-Long Orgasm

Heather's been studying female empowerment, and she will honor your bodacious ta-tas.


CONAN: You -- is this true that you recently wrote your first screen play.
Is that right?
HEATHER GRAHAM: Yes, thank you for asking me about I.
I'm so excited about it.
CONAN: What's it about?
HEATHER GRAHAM: It's about you know when you grow up Catholic and you're told that you're going to go to hell for having premarital sex.
CONAN: Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about.
Check and check, yes.
HEATHER GRAHAM: And then how do you go on and have a normal sex life after that.
CONAN: And then you don't and you're like ruined.
I want to hear more about this.
CONAN: No, you really don't.
But so -- so what's the answer?
HEATHER GRAHAM: Well, the answer -- well, one thing that's in my script is that I went to some funny empowerful female classes.
CONAN: What's it like?
HEATHER GRAHAM: They say let's honor your beautiful breasts.
And then they have to say your vidacious thatthats honor you.
CONAN: It's not OK for a guy.
You have to leave and it's unfair.
What else?
HEATHER GRAHAM: There was this book called "extended massive orgasm" and it basically teaches women how to have an orgasm for an hour.
What could be bad about that?
CONAN: You could die.
For an hour?
For an hour?
HEATHER GRAHAM: Doesn't that sound good?
CONAN: It sounds like a mythical creature.
No one's ever seen.
 ANDY: I'd start getting antsy and start doing stuff.
It would be impossible like clean the house.
CONAN: That's what you would do?
ANDY: I'd be --
CONAN: I feel guilty.
ANDY: Sorry.
CONAN: Well, wait.
We're going to stay on this topic for just a little bit.
What -- an hour-long orgasm.
Do you think it's possible?
HEATHER GRAHAM: They have stuff in there for men.
Maybe I should get you a copy.
CONAN: I don't need a copy.
It's all in here.
HEATHER GRAHAM: For women it's about relaxing.
Women can relax and have an orgasm -- you have it longer for an hour.
CONAN: According to the book.
But is there actual proof?
CONAN: Well, it got pretty quy net here.
Too late now.
HEATHER GRAHAM: Like yeah, we have one.
CONAN: All right.
A lot of people feel bad about themselves.
We have a clip from "the hangover part 3."
Do we need to set this up.
The gang is asking for your help.
HEATHER GRAHAM: They basically think I'm a prostitute -- well, a stripper.
They come to visit me and my life is different.
CONAN: Let's take a look at this clip from "hang over part 3."
>> Hey!
>> Oh, my God, you guys!
It's been so long.
Come in.
Come in.
>> Thank you.
>> You look great.
>> So do you.
You look pregnant.
>> I feel so fat.
Do you guys mind taking your shoes off because I'm kind of a germ freak?
>> Of course.
>> Alan, what are you doing?
>> Sorry.