1. Hillary & Obama's "60 Minutes" Interview Took A Racy Turn

Hillary & Obama's "60 Minutes" Interview Took A Racy Turn

We knew they'd grown close but who knew they were getting THAT close.


CONAN: President Obama and Hillary Clinton, they got together last night on "60 Minutes."
This is important, because it's the first interview the President has done with anyone besides his wife.
People are surprised by how close he has become with Hillary Clinton.
Take a look.
>> You're sitting here together.
Everybody in town was talking about it already.
This is very improbable.
Why did you want to do this?
>> You know, I desperately wanted him.
So if I'm saying I would have wanted him to say yes to me, how am I going to justify saying no to my President?
And it was a great decision, despite my hesitancy about it.
I mean, I was like this, and he was relaxed and having like this.
>> What did he promise you, and has he kept the promises?
>> It was going to be hard, you know.
Welcome to hard times.
CONAN: Oh, now you're interested in seeing this.
Oh, we've got to see this "60 Minutes."
That's a racy show.