1. If They Melded: Barack Obama + Nicki Minaj Edition

If They Melded: Barack Obama + Nicki Minaj Edition

CONAN Highlight: Remember "If They Mated?" We've taken it to the next level by smooshing together video from two different celebrities and made terrible mutant creations, like Taylor Swift + Harry Styles.


CONAN: First up, we've melded Hillary Clinton and Steven Tyler.
>> I just want to tell you -- I want to tell you to keep it together -- ahhh!
Because the whole world is watching you.
CONAN: Attractive, actually.
ANDY: I'm kind of scared now.
CONAN: I'm scared and attracted.
Ladies and gentlemen, day lore swith -- swift and Harry styles.
>> I don't really talk about my love life.
I kind of sing about it a lot.
It's my way of understanding what I'm feeling.
CONAN: And finally, you asked for it, we're giving it to you.
President obama and Nicki Minaj.
>> I would like getting -- singing, you know, lo and behold --
people who appreciate --