1. Apple's Got Much More Than Just A New iPhone

Apple's Got Much More Than Just A New iPhone

It seems like Apple might be struggling a little in the innovation department.


Apple Presenter: And that the iPhone 5-s and 5-c.
I bet you're wondering where's that paradigm shifting you come to expect from apple?
Well, it's right here.
Introducing apple hot soul.
Hold on.
It's available.
It's mild, medium and brim fire.
No, hold on just one second.
We're working on other things.
Audience: Boo!
Apple Presenter: Apple -- we all need to be clean, right?
What about scarves.
We'll make apple birdhouses.
Very nice craftsmanship.
What about neck pillows?
Apple neck pillows.
We don't know what you want!
We don't have any idea anymore!
This is it!
You're going to break me!
We don't know what to do anymore!
Come back Steve jobs!
CONAN: I thought the soap was good.