1. J.J. Abrams Will Hide A Conan Easter Egg In The New "Star Wars"

J.J. Abrams Will Hide A Conan Easter Egg In The New "Star Wars"

J.J. loves secret movie easter eggs, and commits to planting Conan's favorite catchphrase in a galaxy far, far away.


CONAN: You know, so many things that I obviously love about your work.
One of the things that you do, you have a real sense of fun and mischief in the work that you create.
You're always putting little hidden things in your movies and your projects that give you joy.
J.J. ABRAMS: It's like the joke thing with people who I work, hiding, R2-D2 is hidden in the movie.
A beverage called slusho, all of these stupid little things, if you care to look for it, you'll find them.
Remember Nina, the artist --
J.J. ABRAMS: Her daughter's name was hidden, if you look, you'll find them.
CONAN: Slusho, it's a slushy drink.
J.J. ABRAMS: It's the show alias.
We had it in the first episode and for some weird reason we have been hiding in stuff.
CONAN: Those are the kind of things that make you happy.
You put them in.
For example, when I worked for the Simpsons, I put jubjub into a Simpson's episode, I know if I ask you, we're very close, you're closer to me than anyone in the world, if I ask you, you'll put jubjub into a "Star Wars" movie, it will happen somehow.
J.J. ABRAMS: Done.
CONAN: It's going to happen?
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: If anyone else just wasn't anything, just shout it out.
You're a nice guy and say yes and the "Star Wars" movies will make no sense.
J.J. ABRAMS: If and when I am directing "Star Wars," jubjub will find its way in.
CONAN: I'm a happy guy now and I can die, not just yet, 80 years from now.