1. Jack McBrayer's Post-"30 Rock" Plans

Jack McBrayer's Post-"30 Rock" Plans

He may not make the most threatening villain. "I'm going to kill you, lady!"


CONAN: Look at that smile!
That smile just lights up the room.
JACK: It's not real.
CONAN: Oh, really?
Not really?
You're hiding the pain with that smile, aren't you?
JACK: Yeah.
CONAN: Surreal.
Seven years.
The show is coming to a close.
That's got to be emotional.
JACK: It's crazy.
Everybody was crying there at the end.
CONAN: Yeah.
JACK: And then the cameras started.
CONAN: This is weird for seven years people have known you as Kenneth page.
And you play this incredibly nice, over-the-top beaming guy.
Could you play a villain now?
Is that possible for you?
JACK: I would certainly try if the opportunity came along.
CONAN: Really?
JACK: I doubt the success of it.
CONAN: What do you mean?
I bet you could -- what's you doing a really bad guy?
Like a really bad guy in a dark, dark movie.
JACK: I'm going to kill you, lady.
CONAN: Now, you're just a monster.
What was that?
JACK: It's real.
I hope that works out for you.
I'd watch that movie.
I'd walk out of it.
JACK: Don't be rude.
CONAN: What did you say?
JACK: I said don't be rude.
No, sir.
Not today.
Stop it!
You spend a lot of time over the years with this Tracy Morgan.
You guys have become close.
What are you going to miss most about Tracy?
JACK: Well, I will miss him never knowing his lines.
CONAN: Really?
I've heard this from other cast members, he didn't bother to learn his lines.
JACK: I laughed with him and at him more than any other cast member.
Sometimes I get the church giggles.
I'm going to miss you most of all.
My name is Jack.