1. Jane Lynch Had A Big Lesbian Crush On Olivia Newton-John

Jane Lynch Had A Big Lesbian Crush On Olivia Newton-John

She also had a thing for John Travolta, which meant that "Grease" was her absolute childhood favorite.


[Cheers and applause]
Jane: Hi.
[Cheers and applause]
Hi, Andy.
CONAN: I just saw you --
Jane: Yeah.
CONAN: We were both part of this Emmy open.
Jane: That's right.
CONAN: And so you and I, they separated us backstage into open section.
You and I we're --
Jane: We're together.
CONAN: Bake stadge -- stage waiting to go on.
I think your hair is fantastic.
Jane: You have the best hair in Hollywood.
You do.
CONAN: What was funny is we have this bit that was supposed to be time and everyone's throughout one -- out there one by one.
They're counting us in like 10, nine, ate.
I said, do you use conditioner?
Jane: I use VO Williamizer, but your hair is naturally floppy and everything.
CONAN: I was surprised we made it.
Jane: I know, it was all about our hair.
CONAN: Did you go to any Emmy parties?
Jane: I went to the loser lounge.
We went to that party. Barely anybody there except Andy Richter was there.
ANDY: I'm on a loser Google alert.
Jane: We had fun, didn't we?
ANDY: It was a really fun party.
Jane: It wasn't real crowded like most of those parties are.
And we danced.
No winners were allowed.
No Emmy statues --
CONAN: They were roughed up.
Could you bring a bowling ball?
Jane: Yeah.
It was a good time.
CONAN: We had such a great experience the last couple of years.
You got meet so many of your heroes, working on "glee."
One of your heroes and I didn't realize until today, Olivier Newton John.
Jane: The creator of "glee" also loves her.
He said if this takes on, I will get Olivier Newton John on the show.
CONAN: This is before the show hit.
Jane: By the third episode, she responded.
We remained the "fiscal" video.
I got act with her.
Growing up in the 1970's, she was it to me.
I was cleaved to that song on the radio.
She was the nicest person in the world.
I named my dog after her.
My dog's name is Olivier.
I had a big lesbo crush on her.
CONAN: Did you know what that crush was?
Jane: I was starting to understand.
Olivier Newton John, my crush for her put me over the top.
I'm like, oh, no, that's what I am.
That's what I am.
But now I feel good.
She wasn't weirded out about my lesbo crush for her.
And she loved that I named my dog Olivier.
CONAN: I was a camp counselor in training.
And every single kid -- every girl just sang all the "grease"
songs all the time.
Jane: I was obsessed with "grease."
I had a non-lesbo crush on him.
When I saw the two of them were going to be in a movie together, I almost imploded.
I love John Travolta so much that I drew pictures of him.
I used to draw the dimple in his chin and the light eyes with the dark lashes.
I loved him.
But I think what it is is I wanted to be him.
Jane: I didn't want to make out with him.
CONAN: You wanted to be him.
Jane: You wanted to be John Travolta.
I thought he was the coolest dude in the world.
CONAN: Have you had a chance to tell him that?
Jane: Yes, he was freaked out.
I know every plain of your face, every dimple --
CONAN: That's usually when they hit the security button.
Jane: Wonderful to meet you.
Best of luck to you.
CONAN: I always do him and Vinny Barbarino.