1. Jason Schwartzman Meets His Lookalikes Everywhere

Jason Schwartzman Meets His Lookalikes Everywhere

The "Saving Mr. Banks" star gets recognized all the time -- only by other bearded guys.


CONAN: You've been in a lot of independent films.
I'm curious who recognizes you?
What kind of person recognizes you?
Do get recognized by a lot of people?
Or is it a specific group of people?
JASON: I would say I don't get recognized very often at all.
I have noticed something that happened recently like in the last few months which is that the people in do recognize me look exactly like me.
And it's --
It's true.
But it's like really weird.
I'm telling you, it's true.
ANDY: Does that include women?
JASON: No, it doesn't.
Independent includes just men.
CONAN: That's so funny.
JASON: I will be walking down the street.
CONAN: That is your walk?
JASON: That is my walk.
CONAN: I'm surprised a lot of people don't recognize you.
I'm a just a walking.
JASON: 100 yards in front of me will be a person that looks just like me.
Oh, God, this person's going to say something.
Typically I'll walk past them.
They always look like me but in better shape like no carbohydrates, like an acrobat, really beautiful.
I feel like a tap on my shoulder.
And I feel a tap on my shoulder and they'll say, hey, man, people say I look like you.
Can we take a picture with you?
I'm building a photo library of me and my look alike.
They're not my doppelganger.
CONAN: You brought one.
This is a random picture of a person on the street.
That's fantastic.
JASON: It's like my demographic is my demographic.
CONAN: Specifically.
They need to look exactly like you.
JASON: That's odd.