1. Jeff Ross Interview Pt. 1 02/06/13

Jeff Ross Interview Pt. 1 02/06/13

Jeff once did so well on "Late Night," that Conan bumped J. Lo as the last guest. Whoops!


CONAN: so nice to have you back because it's been a while.
CONAN: There's actually a story behind this.
And I think we should get into it.
Why don't you tell this tale.
JEFF ROSS: Well, this was going back to the early days of our career.
CONAN: Yeah.
JEFF ROSS: I was a guest.
I was on a couple of times.
And you booked me on valentine's day which is cool.
It's coming up.
CONAN: Yeah.
JEFF ROSS: and I did love poems.
JEFF ROSS: And I did love poems.
JEFF ROSS: And did a couple of love poems and it went so well.
CONAN: It went really well.
JEFF ROSS: That you came over during the commercial and said you know, our next guest, our preinterview, we're not so sure and she wasn't that interested and she's kind of new, can you have a couple more poems?
I sat here and did a couple more poems.
And it almost ruined my career as well.
CONAN: Yeah.
It almost killed both of us.
Because I had to bump the guest which we never did.
We never bump guests.
JEFF ROSS: She had a movie coming out called "Anaconda" and it looked terrible and maybe you railroad who it was.
CONAN: Yes -- you remember who it was.
A couple of years into the show.
1996 or something.
I bumped J.Lo and whatever.
Oh, my God.
And then freak show back stage, and then it turns into this thing.
And then she goes on to become the biggest star in the world.
And I remembered, I used to look at the footage offer and over again of you and I chatting and well, I went long with Jeff Ross so we don't have time for J.Lo.
JEFF ROSS: You got stuck with J. ro.
CONAN: And our producer.
JEFF ROSS: Her first talk show and talking with you and Andy and your crew after the show.
Hey, great show.
And you saw this giant butt Waddling down the hallway in a huff.
She was mad.
CONAN: All right.
Well, tell us, what did you do for the Super Bowl?
JEFF ROSS: Oh, my God.
I got invited to the worst Super Bowl party ever.
It's tomorrow.
why would I want to go to that?
CONAN: Kind of a dreary affair.
JEFF ROSS: I went to Charlie Sheen's house.
JEFF ROSS: He had a Super Bowl party.
And I never saw him once.
He was up in his bedroom the entire party.
He was nowhere to be Sheen.
so I was pissed.
I stole a football.
It was a great game, though.
A lot of ups and downs.
CONAN: Yeah.
JEFF ROSS: That's just Beyonce's boobs.
CONAN: Beyonce is back stage.
And I'm going to have to bump her.
That's right.
JEFF ROSS: $3,500 a ticket to go to the game.
At the superdome.
Which is crazy.
Because just a few years ago, you could float in on a car door for free.
What did I do?
CONAN: Too soon.
JEFF ROSS: Never too soon, Conan.
CONAN: What about Grammys, the Grammys are Sunday.
Thoughts about the Grammys, are you excited?
JEFF ROSS: I love the grapies.
It's the greatest music event of the year.
Unless you've ever been to an actual concert by anybody.
All our questions will be answered on Sunday.
Who will win, who will lose, who will drown in bathtub?
JEFF ROSS: What is Bobby brown here?
Lighten up.
I'm a music fan.
This is my favorite show of the year.
I can't wait.
CONAN: I can tell it's your favorite show.
L.L. cool J. is hosting again.
Hard to find a rapper who can pronounce Gautier.
Everybody knows somebody like every guy loves Gautier.
They know somebody like Gautier because they're probably having sex with his girlfriend.
CONAN: Are you going to go to the Grammys or no?
JEFF ROSS: I'll probably watch knows at Charlie Sheen's house again.
CONAN: Yeah.