1. Jennifer Lawrence Stalked John Stamos At A Party

Jennifer Lawrence Stalked John Stamos At A Party

CONAN Highlight: She was all, "Uncle Jesse," and he was all "Are you on mushrooms?"


CONAN: You get to meet everybody now.
What's been the celebrity that you've met and let's just take me out of the equation.
Who's been the person that you met that just blew your mind, just completely blew your mind?
I turned into -- I was a perverted guy.
I was following him into rooms and staring at his ass.
I lost my mind.
I didn't want to meet him because it's not good when I meet people who I really idolize.
My friends brought them over because my friends are jerks. 
I started freaking out.
He asked me if I was on mushrooms.
I was like no, I'm dead sober.
This is just me.
CONAN: Did you tell him how you felt about him?
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: No. I just kept smiling.
Uncle Jesse.
And he kept saying --