1. Jennifer Love Hewitt's Racy Billboard Had To Be Toned Down

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Racy Billboard Had To Be Toned Down

Her previous billboard was too busty, so Jennifer had to keep her gals under wraps this time.


CONAN: You look gorgeous, as always.
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: Thank you so much.
CONAN: I've been seeing you a lot.
Your billboards very "the client list" around town.
I see them as I drive by and crash into pedestrians.
It seems like they changed the billboard strategy.
Is that fair to say?
CONAN: Last year this was the billboard.
Quite risque.
Quite revealing.
I have a copy.
And then that changed to the one this year, which is a little more covered up but those aren't real people.
At first I thought those were real people and I called 911.
I thought north Korea was invading.
And then I noticed they weren't moving and then I thought oh, they died.
CONAN: Was there a philosophy behind the change in the ad?
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: There was a bit of a scandal with the first billboards.
There was the one that you showed and then there was another one of me laying down in a nude sort of -- everybody was happy.
There was one group of people who apparently were offended by the billboard and were not into it. Next thing we knew --
CONAN: Was this a group of 18th-century nuns?
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: We still don't know who it was.
It happened in a magazine but we don't know who did the fixing of the photo.
They covered me up and made me like a cup and a half size smaller and then covered everything --
CONAN: Un-American.
We've fought wars over these types of things.
And then, so my billboard is there and I'm being made smaller but right next to it is his -- is David Beckham in his underwear.
He's out there like hello!
And I'm like hi.
CONAN: His billboard actually talked as drove bit.
It said hello!
It was ridiculous.
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: I thought he came at me in traffic and there was no problem with that but I had to have smaller boobs.
It was very strange.
When they did the new campaign they said we'll go somewhere in the middle, so they put tiny men crawling on me.
So I don't know --
CONAN: I don't know what that solves.
CONAN: You're on the cover of "shape" magazine.
Look fabulous.
CONAN: You're revealing a -- wearing a revealing white outfit.
Is that nerve-racking or in a weird way money?
If I have to appear in a bathing suit somewhere, I'd cry.
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: I did a little bit of crying.
First of all, the people at "shape" are awesome and they make you feel totally comfortable.
But you walk in this like 8:00 in the morning and there are 500 bathing suits and fluorescent lighting and you're like oh, my god, this is not going to go well.
For a living in my new job of lingerie and everything, which I feel fine about.
But this was nerve-racking but it turned out well.
CONAN: Is there someone there telling you what bathing suit to wear?
Like a creepy guy?
And how do you get that job?
A guy saying try that one, now turn around.
Who's doing that?
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: You have to walk out into like a committee of people in your bathing suit.
CONAN: A committee.
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: Yes, and you're like hey, everybody.
They're like no, not that.
You're like not me or is it the bathing suit?
CONAN: They're like you try them all!
You're petting a kitten here, by the way.
You're like really, can you not eat your lunch?
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: I'm in this bathing suit.
I can't eat anything.
I'm sucking on an ice cube.
But it was great and I was flattered.