1. Joe Biden Tries Too Hard To Appeal To Facebook's Youth

Joe Biden Tries Too Hard To Appeal To Facebook's Youth

He's trying to firm up his 2016 prospects by casually mentioning his sports car and his heavy weaponry.


CONAN: now that president Obama has won re-election, Vice President Joe Biden has made no secret of his desire to run for president in 2016.
Did you know that?
Joe Biden wants to run.
Yesterday Biden participated in a q&a on facebook.
He started strong, in my opinion Biden ended up trying way too hard to appeal to the young facebook crowd.
>> I think the vast majority of the American people are serious and responsible.
One of the things the president and I are suggesting is there be well funded studies by really first-rate people.
Let's talk about everybody being able to -- no matter what your age, go out and be able to purchase cocaine.
What DO YOU think about that idea?
I would like to know, if we're having a party, whether or not the parents lock the liquor cabinet.
That's just me.
I had a Corvette as a young man.
Still have it.
1967 Corvette.
You should be able to go buy a flame thrower.
You should be able to buy an m-1 tank.
You should be able to buy a grenade launcher.
Buy a shotgun.
Buy a shotgun.