1. Joe Galliano Exults In His Brother John's Triumphant Return

Joe Galliano Exults In His Brother John's Triumphant Return

Joe's so stoked that John is heading to Oscar de la Renta, he's busted out his fanciest hats yet.


CONAN: This is a story, big scandal a while ago but it involved fashion designer John Galliano.
In case you don't know, here's a photo of Mr. Galliano.
Here's another photo of Mr. Galliano.
And another photo, Mr. Galliano.
Anyway, here's why I'm talking about him.
Galliano was fired as top designer at christian Dior after making offensive remarks.
But it was reported that another big fashion house, Oscar de la Renta has just hired Galliano for fashion week to help him launch a big comeback.
Now, this is very controversial.
We wanted to ask Galliano about this, what he thinks he can come back after the things he said but he did not return our calls.
After the scandal, he's very shy about talking to the media.
We were, however, able to get in touch with John Galliano's brother jorks Galliano.
Please welcome via satellite from par I. and these are expensive hookups, Joe Galliano.
[Cheers and Applause]
good evening, Joe.
>> Buenswa, Conan.
CONAN: Joe, how do you feel about your brother being given a fresh start with Oscar de la Renta?
>> He's wonderful.
He's risen like a Phoenix from the flame.
CONAN: Yes, but Joe, a lot of people are still very upset about his offensive remarks and think he should never, ever work in fashion again.
What do you think of that?
>> Well, get over it!
Those idiots made him suffer enough!
CONAN: Sir, you do remember he was recorded in a Paris cafe saying, I love Hitler, right?
You remember that?
>> Oh!
that was taken completely out of context.
CONAN: Out of context.
What in what context could I love Hitler ever be considered OK?
>> Leave him alone.
He's a misunderstood angel!
CONAN: You're not really knitting.
Well, you have to say --
You have to say that, Joe.
He's your brother.
Come on.
>> Oh!
he belongs to the world.
He's a universal sibling to all of the beauty.
CONAN: I'm sorry, is that a live salmon on your head?
Why aren't you responding to me.
Oh, --
>> Don't change the subject!
My brother is back and he's here to stay.
CONAN: Really?
>> Yes, really!
Screw you for doubting him, O'Brien!
I am out of here.
CONAN: All right, well, good-bye, Mr. Galliano.