1. Josh Gad Recreates His Favorite "Goonies" Scene

Josh Gad Recreates His Favorite "Goonies" Scene

Josh plays the villainous Mama Fratelli while Conan reprises the role of Sloth.


CONAN: You're in the "jobs" movie and you play Wozniak.
>> The woz.
CONAN: The woz, who, of course, co-created apple.
>> Yeah.
>> With Steve jobs.
>> He was one of the co-founders.
He created the apple one motherboard and Steve jobs saw it and thought this could make us a fortune and two of them went off and created this legacy.
It's incredible and daunting to play a living, breathing person who's very much still in the ZeitGeist.
CONAN: You guys actually got to go, I don't know if you shot there or saw it, did you shoot in the actual garage?
>> We shot in the garage.
CONAN: The garage where they invented the computer, the personal computer?
>> It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.
One day where a head dresser came down with a large bag filled with these things.
I said what's in there.
He said Steve childhood journals.
I'm not sure what I should do with them.
I said donate them to the Smithsonian or put them back where you found them.
But it was trapped in time this place.
CONAN: So amazing you got to shoot there.
We have a clip from "jobs.”
I think this is when you, the woz --
>> And the jobs.
CONAN: Are in the car trying to think of the name they're going to give.
Is this right?
>> This is right.
I think the rest will tell the story.
CONAN: The clip from "jobs.”
>> What about ent tries computers?
>> No, no "Star Trek" names.
I will drive this car right off.
>> Fine, fine.
>> I will run the car off the road.
>> Jesus, calm down.
Seriously, OK, nothing Trekkie.
>> Can it be like something people will relate to, you know, like it needs to be something that you see and just like I just have to have it.
>> Excuse me?
>> Apple like the fruit?
>> The fruit of creation.
>> Man, that is so much better then phaser beam computers.
CONAN: I'm glad woz didn't get his way.
>> Yes, yes.
CONAN: You know, you mentioned to us that just before the show you said that you were so excited to be here because this stage is where they shot one of your favorite movies.
>> "the goonies," one of my all-time favorites.
CONAN: It was shot on this stage.
>> I -- I watched your show one day and I saw Johnny Galecki on and he was reliving his childhood experience of watching "the goonies" here and portraying the character of chunk.
CONAN: He did.
He asked us, when Johnny Galecki was here, so many actors of your generation and performers are obsessed with "the goonies”
and Johnny came here and said OK, I want -- he wanted to be chunk and he wanted me to be sloth.
>> Yes.
CONAN: We re-created it here.
You saw it?
>> I saw it and I was very angry and jealous.
So I kind of decided today if it's OK with you, I would like to live my dream version of "the goonies" with you if that's OK.
CONAN: So want to re-create the scene.
The same scene?
>> No, I feel like that's been done to death that one time, so --
I would rather do something a little different.
>> You're going to play the character of sloth.
CONAN: Why am I always sloth?
>> Because you have that draft thing going on.
I will play mama fra telly.
And I brought a couple props.
I hope you don't mind.
CONAN: This is the scene.
Put this for me here.
This is the scene towards the end of the movie where you --
>> This is the scene towards the end of the movie, I don't want to give anything under way --
CONAN: The goonies.
Been around 70 years.
>> You will see what happens.
It's very touching.
Dramatic kind of apex of the film.
Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this quick re-creation on the set where "the goonies" was shot of the ending of "the goonies.”
let's take a look right now.
>> Come to me, baby.
Come on!
>> You have been bad!
>> Oh, but sloth, baby, I may have been bad, I may have kept you chained to that room but it will feel good!
>> Oh!
>> Oh!
don't you remember when I used to sing to you?
When you were little!
Rock-a-Bye baby on the treetop.
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.
When the bow breaks the cradle will fall.
[Cheers and Applause]