1. Josh Hopkins Was In A Breakdancing Crew

Josh Hopkins Was In A Breakdancing Crew

They were Kentucky's undefeated breakdancers, mostly because there were no other breakdancers in Kentucky.


CONAN: Is this right?
In Kentucky you had a break dancing crew back in the day.
Is that the case?
JOSH HOPKINS:  It was Kentucky.
CONAN: Did you really have a break dancing crew?
JOSH HOPKINS: Yes, the fun bunch in junior high.
CONAN: Don't tell me your name was the fun bunch.
You know how we got it?
Because we had a lot of fun and there was a bunch of us.
CONAN: Yeah, if I only had thought before I spoke.
So you were the fun bunch.
And did you have like character names?
JOSH HOPKINS: Oh, yes. I was party train.
CONAN: You were party train?
Party train.
CONAN: Get onboard?
JOSH HOPKINS: Choo-choo.
CONAN: Is this where you put down the cardboard and spin around and the whole nine yards?
JOSH HOPKINS: That's exactly what it was, Conan.
There was four of us.
I remember my friend Griggs Powell was Blackhawk and there was another friend of ours whose name was -- he wanted it to be coontosh.
It was like a cool car.
But his winter coat had the fur around, so we made him be coontosh, lord of the tundra.
CONAN: Sounds like you guys wasted everybody's time.
JOSH HOPKINS:There was nobody's time to waste because we had no one to battle.
CONAN: This was a nice thing.
You recently went to Haiti and did something very cool that you want to share with us.
JOSH HOPKINS: Being from Kentucky, I went with Kentucky-Haiti partnership, and they go over every year and do work with these kids and doctors, dentists, free work the whole time, plus they take a couple of kids each year and give them a scholarship to the university of Kentucky and that place still needs our help.
It's a wonderful place with beautiful people and they really still need us.
CONAN: You brought a picture, too.
You with a bunch of the kids.
It's funny, when you walk down the street you hear little kids, because they're not used to seeing you, going blanco, blanco, which translates roughly to, hey, Whitey.
CONAN: I get that a lot.
Kids are chasing me going, hey, party train.
[Cheers and applause]
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Check out Kentucky-Haiti partnership online.
Josh, very nice having you here.
Very nice for being here.