1. Justin Chon Is Catnip To "Twilight" Cougars

Justin Chon Is Catnip To "Twilight" Cougars

The vampires & werewolves get all the hot fans, but Justin plays a human, so he has to settle for "Twilight" moms.


CONAN: You get in these "Twilight" movies and I'm just curious, did you have any idea how big this would be?
Did you think this was just another acting gig and were you blown away?
JUSTIN CHON: Yeah, I thought it would be another acting gig and how I knew it was going to be big, one of the first days on set I was walking back to my trailer and this older lady --
CONAN: When you say older like how much?
JUSTIN CHON: Maybe in her early 50's was calling to me from a bush.
I was like what are you doing?
And she's like come here.
Come here.
So I -- I walk up to her and she hands me this printed card that says "Twilight" moms.
And she said, call me.
And I -- I just looked at her, I said yeah, OK.
And it was --
CONAN: And she just went back down into the bush?
JUSTIN CHON: Yeah, pretty much.
CONAN: And the bush moved to the side.
I heard about this phenomenon.
These older women, when I say older, I mean older then you but they kind of prey on some of the male "Twilight" stars, is that fair to say?
JUSTIN CHON: Yeah, on young guys like me.
This one time this older, she could have been my grandmom.
She was maybe in her early 70's said, I will give you the key to my cabin in the mountains if you spend a weekend there with me.
I was like -- uh, yeah, I have a girlfriend.
Thank you, but no thank you.
CONAN: One weekend, dude.
And then you get -- you get the keys to a cabin!
JUSTIN CHON: Here's what sucks for me is in the movie, I play a human being and they go, hey, so who did you play in "Twilight"?
I say human being, they're like we're not interested.
They want to be with a vampire or werewolf.
CONAN: It's always the vampires and wear wolves get the chicks.
JUSTIN CHON: When did it become a bad thing to be a human being.
CONAN: I bet if you're a zombie or vampire.
But I'm a nice human being gets you nowhere.
Humans finish last.
CONAN: Is this true your dad is a former actor?
He was an actor when he was younger?
JUSTIN CHON: Yeah, he was like Macaulay Culkin of the '60's in South Korea.
CONAN: I got to think about that for a second.
I'm practicing that.
In the '60's, Macaulay Culkin of South Korea?
JUSTIN CHON: Pretty much.
He had one movie where he was inside this Godzilla type of monster's ear and he is trying to knock out the eardrum with this gigantic q-tip.
CONAN: That's the whole movie?
CONAN: That must have been a scene in the movie.
You make it sound like that was the whole movie.
JUSTIN CHON: That was the highlight of the movie.
CONAN: You can't do a whole movie of Godzilla going --
You know.
JUSTIN CHON: Pretty much.
CONAN: Well, OK, so you have seen his work.
Good good actor?
JUSTIN CHON: Horrible.
Absolutely horrible.
I mean, here's the thing, he always tries to give me acting notes and it's so frustrating because he will say the most obvious things.
He will say things you need to act more natural.
I'm like no crap, dad.
Yeah, it's called acting.
You're supposed to act like a person so it's pretty frustrating.
CONAN: Do you ever come back with him like why don't you go clean Godzilla's ear?
JUSTIN CHON: Yeah, yeah.
Run along and clean out Godzilla's ear.