1. Kathy Griffin's X-Rated New Years With Anderson Cooper

Kathy Griffin's X-Rated New Years With Anderson Cooper

In Kathy's defense, she was only continuing the tradition of "kissing the sardine."


KATHY: It's like an expensive, fancy show.
I'm not complaining about life over bravo, over in the garage over at bravo.
I'm just saying --
CONAN: In front of a dead moon.
One few odd bulbs out and no one can fix it.
KATHY: You keep my vagina out of this.
The dead moon is doing just fine.
How dare you, sir?
CONAN: Good God.
KATHY: I went there that quickly.
CONAN: This show, this episode won't air.
KATHY: Is this a test webisode?
CONAN: Exactly.
No one will ever see this.
These people are all paid actors.
I want to ask you speaking of getting in trouble, you co-hosted CNN's new year's eve with Anderson Cooper.
You two have a great chemistry.
I enjoy watching you.
KATHY: Thank you.
CONAN: But you got into some trouble, is that right?
Fair to say you got into a little trouble?
KATHY: Oh, because I tried to blow him?
Look, let me tell you something --
I'm a newswoman.
I'm practically an anchor at CNN at this point.
CONAN: I didn't realize.
KATHY:  Every year Anderson Cooper is like please do something really offensive, please.
And I'm like OK.
And this year there was actually a remote.
During news you go to the shoot of the city.
We were going to east port Maine.
Kind of your old hood.
Very similar area.
CONAN: Couple thousand miles away.
KATHY: Similar, short drive.
And they actually have a thing, yearly tradition where they kiss the sardine.
CONAN: Kiss the sardine.
KATHY:  What happened was -- have have a clip?
CONAN: We have a clip.
KATHY:  I'm not ashamed to say I tried to kiss a sardine.
That's your issue.
CONAN: Why is it my issue?
KATHY: I feel like it's your issue.
CONAN: I stand by it.
Not my issue at all.
I say go for it, man.
But I'm hip with all of that stuff.
I thought had you to write some apologies after this happened.
KATHY:  CNN, every year they fire me.
Oh, yeah, it's my seventh year in a row.
Every January 1 I get fired and they want me to apologize and then I don't.
And then, like at the 11th hour they rehire me but they did get the highest ratings since 2008 and I think it's because I kissed Anderson's sardine.
I really do.
CONAN: Let's take a look at the moment and decide for ourselves.
KATHY:  You tell us nobody's ever gotten sick from kissing the sardines in east port, Maine, 2013 here.
And Canada, 20 miles away, also 2013.
Dual celebration time zone.
Two countries.
CONAN: Poor Anderson!
Anderson Cooper clearly couldn't handedle that.
KATHY: He's just given up heefments beaten down like a pound dog that the point.
He's sitting there like we used to try to rehearse and he would call me the day before and say look, I just got back from Jalalabad.
What do you want to do?
Honestly, he's like I don't eens want to talk to you.
I will see you there.
He knows I'm going to try to pull something.
CONAN: And it looked like you were going back down there --
KATHY: I tried all night to kiss his --
CONAN: Well, that's -- thanks for that.
That and the Charlie brown peering across the river.
Two of the creepiest images I need to see any time soon.
KATHY:  I'm not afraid of the creepy.
CONAN: CNN, you think they're having Bach?
KATHY:  Oh, they will be begging.
I don't know.
I have no idea.
I hope so.