1. Ke$ha Loves To De-Virginize Shy Guys

Ke$ha Loves To De-Virginize Shy Guys

Ke$ha hates bro rocker guys, and would much rather have sexy times with a quiet nerd.


CONAN: I have to say you're not afraid, you're sexually, you're very open with your music.
You seem like you have no fear in a great way, you're sexually very free with your clothing, your music.
But you like shy guys, is that true?
Ke$ha: Yeah, I do.
CONAN: I heard that about you.
Ke$ha Yeah, I can be kind of rapey a little because I like shy guys that just sit there behind a desk.
You like shy guys, I don't know that I'm a shy guy --
Ke$ha: No, you're not shy.
You're a dork.
CONAN: Now, yes, now we're on the same page, yes.
Now I can help you.
You like guys that say -- Tell me what kind of guy you like.
Ke$ha: I just like unassuming, shy, like they're just like -- like I'm a tiger.
CONAN: What is it you like about that kind of guy?
Bad-ass rocker dude?
Ke$ha: No, gross.
CONAN: Really?
Ke$ha: No.
I like pouncing on my meat.
They like that!
CONAN: Yes, yes, they do like that.
So do you like the less sexually experienced guy?
Ke$ha: Yeah, totally.
Oh, this one time -- want to hear a good story about this one virgin?
CONAN: No, there's no time -- we will be right back.
Of course!
Ke$ha: There was a virgin and he was like old and a virgin --
CONAN: Older virgin.
Ke$ha: Older virgin, yeah and I played dodge ball with him.
And I wanted to de-virginize him.
CONAN: How old are we talking?
Ke$ha: Like old, like 35.
I didn't think things got that old.
ANDY: How was it playing dodge ball with him?
Ke$ha: I love dodge ball.
ANDY: Were you in a league?
Ke$ha: Yeah, I was in a league.
ANDY: Ey club played dodge ball.
CONAN: Ancient civil war vet who's 35 years old comes stumbling in.
I want to play, cool.
So what happened with the guy?
Ke$ha: I was like, so excited about it.
So so I invited him over and he broke my record player and then it just dethroned my boner.
CONAN: Dethroned your boner?
Ke$ha: It was a boner dethroner.
CONAN: Oh, I'm sorry.
What am I thinking.
So that didn't work out.
But in general you like a less sexually experienced guy because you feel you can, what?
You can dominate them?
Ke$ha: I can show them the ways.
Of the world.
CONAN: Is there a little magic act going on down here?
Is that what's happening?
All right.
Ke$ha: It is magical.
Never mind.
CONAN: No, what?
Ke$ha: No, nothing.
I never mind, trust me.
Go with that one.
CONAN: When Ke$ha says let's move on, I think you should move on.
Is that what you're saying?
Ke$ha: A little bit.
CONAN: New song -- you wrote a new song.
It's about a bad breakup.
Ke$ha: Oh, yeah.
CONAN: You get quite explicit.
You're angry at this guy.
Ke$ha: Yeah, he's a piece of [Bleep], [Bleep].
CONAN: So this wasn't the thing we're going to avoid.
This is the thing we're going to talk about?
Seconds ago you went, let's not go there.
It could be unpleasant.
And I say OK, and you lead me over to this area.
Now I'm really intrigued.
What's the thing we can't talk about anyway.
You wrote a song, this guy did something bad to you?
Ke$ha: Yeah, he lied to me, which I never have been lied to by a guy and I am like secretly, deep down a hopeless romantic.
I was so in love and then he just lied to me and like social climbed me and was just terrible and broke.
Actually broke part of my heart.
CONAN: What's the song called?
Ke$ha: Well, I'm tossing around titles.
Like "you suck ass.”
go [Bleep] yourself.
Here you giant piece of raging [Bleep].
CONAN: I think Cole Porter wrote the last one.
But the others are OK I think.
Ke$ha: I think they're open.