1. Keith Urban Played With The Rolling Stones

Keith Urban Played With The Rolling Stones

When Mick Jagger personally asks you play with them, you don't even think about it, you just say yes.


CONAN: Now, you are a superstar in your own right but you got to play with the rolling stones.
KEITH URBAN: I did, yeah.
CONAN: You got to be a part of that band.
That's -- I think we have a picture here.
This just happened the other night.
Unless this is photo shopped or those are cardboard cutouts.
You can get those on the promenade.
How did this happen first of all?
How do you get to play with the rolling stones?
KEITH URBAN: Mick called me.
And said, you know, you want to sit in with us?
And I said let me think about it.
CONAN: Did you put him on hold?
That would have been great.
KEITH URBAN: I was -- fantastic.
And he said he wanted to do "respectable."
And before I knew it, I was at sound check at the Arena.
And we did "respectable."
It was amazing.
CONAN: That's fantastic.
Did they all show up for sound check?
CONAN: At this point they would know their material.
KEITH URBAN: It was the first show of the tour.
And Gwen stefani was in as well.
And must have been close to two hours they played all of them.
And took a break.
And they did their 2 1/2 hour show.
IT'S amazing their stamina is insane.
CONAN: What's the point your soul leaves your body and I can't believe this is happening?
Is it when you're playing guitar next to Keith Richards or when you're singing next to Mick Jagr or some combination of both?
KEITH URBAN: It's all of that.
Just to look around and see Charlie Watt back there is insane.
It was amazing.
And Mick has such ferocity when he sings.
The -- insms away from him.
-- inches away from him.
CONAN: And the shape he's in.
He's like 120 years old.
He really is.
He fought in the civil war.
And he's English.
Which makes no sense.
just wanted to be part of that battle.
But yeah, apparently he runs like 20 miles a day or something.
He's in incredible shape.
KEITH URBAN: Grate shape.
KEITH URBAN: -- great shape.
CONAN: Had you ever played in a rock band before?
You're a country guy.
KEITH URBAN: I started playing guitar when I was 6 and grew up playing country music.
When I was about 15, a friend of mine was in band.
And he wanted TO BE the singer and said I want you to be the guitar player.
The band was called "fraction mirror."
A heavy metal band.
CONAN: A heavy metal band.
KEITH URBAN: For about a week.
They did like Judas priest, scorpion, black sabbath and joined the band.
And I've got my strat and my Marshall amp and everything.
But I discovered this guy called Ricky skaggs and loved his records.
So we're playing like a Judas priest song and they threw me this solo.
And all this chicken picking guitar pro.
CONAN: I love that.
And the devil comes -- yee-ha.
KEITH URBAN: I had an identity CRISIS at a young age.
CONAN: They kicked you out --
KEITH URBAN: They hired me.
THAT WAS the end of it.
KEITH URBAN: They fired me.
THAT WAS the end of it.