1. Kristen Bell's "Veronica Mars" Bust

Kristen Bell's "Veronica Mars" Bust

Kristen thinks it's hideous, but confesses, "They scanned me for this, so unfortunately this is exactly what I looked like!"


CONAN: Let's talk about "Frozen," this is a huge monster hit.
You have an Oscar nomination for the film and you have a doll of your character, which is a sign that you are going places.
KRISTEN: It's interesting. Try me?
CONAN: It does say try me.
I don't know what that's all about.
It's funny, we found this out today, not the first time that you had a doll or toy representation of yourself.
KRISTEN: No, it's not.
CONAN: With Veronica Mars, a bust of you that they sold and we got a hold of it.
And I'm just -- it is one of the weirdest-looking depictions of anybody.
This is supposed to be you.
Get in tight.
Look at the face.
ANDY: You look like Jared Leto.
KRISTEN: It's corpse makeup and I have a choker on.
Those are not my boobs, you guys.
CONAN: Trying to break free of your arm.
KRISTEN: I must have been posing like this or something.
And then the huge thick belt.
This is about the uglyiest representation that I could draw of myself.
They scanned me for this.
So unfortunately this is exactly what I look like.
KRISTEN: I take full responsibility.
CONAN: I love that attitude that you got there, like yeah, maybe.
KRISTEN: I gave those as Christmas presents to my ""House of Lies".î
It's the worst.
You can't get worst.
CONAN: She is staring you down calling you the worst.
KRISTEN: I hate it so much.
CONAN: It's going to stay here for all time.
CONAN: You tweeted this picture. You said this was you from the future.
This is -- I guess this is a fat face.
KRISTEN: It's fat face, the app. Where you can take a picture.
And I didn't do this one.
A friend of mine took a picture of me and sent it back fat face and inevitably that's what I will look like someday.
CONAN: We have one of me around here somewhere.
I guess -- that's what happens to all Irish people, our heads expand as we get older.
We have a clip here, from "House of Lies."
Anything you can tell us?
KRISTEN: This clip, well interestingly enough, my best bud in the world was on this episode and plays my pseudo boyfriend and Don Cheadle is getting jealous that he came to visit me.
>> What's up?
>> What's going down?
What's going down.
>> He came straight from softball last night.
>> You don't say.
>> I should get going.
Duty calls.
All right.
>> Down and out.
>> Thank you.
>> All right.
>> I think He might be the one.
>> Because every girl you ever  [BLEEP] is a doctor.
>> He is a catcher.
What position does he play?
>> You don't get to have the strap-on fantasy.
Sorry, Marty, you had your chance.
CONAN: I won't have the language. Not around here.