1. Lake Bell Calls Girls Out On "Sexy Baby Vocal Virus"

Lake Bell Calls Girls Out On "Sexy Baby Vocal Virus"

Lake is tired of squeaky-voiced, up-talking women ruining it for all the other ladies out there.


CONAN: First of all, this movie, you wrote this movie.
CONAN: You win this very prestigious award for it.
It's kind of a cool idea.
It's a little bit based on the life of a real person.
Don LaFontaine, who was the iconic guy who did all the voice-over movies for trailers.
He was the one that actually came up with -- "in a world."
LAKE BELL: That's very good.
He actually -- he was a writer.
He just wrote copy for movie trailers.
And then threw himself in there when he came up with "in a world."
He got in the booth and then all of a sudden the world changed, the universe was opened up to the voice of God.
CONAN: It worked for him.
He sort of dominated that industry.
And you've sort of created -- this is about -- this movie is really about voice-over, people that are trying to be in that world.
Some who are very successful and some who are trying to get into it.
LAKE BELL: I've always been obsessed with voice-over.
I went to drama school in England, where radio plays are still relevant.
I had this demo.
I came to L.A. thinking I was going to be one of the great voice-over writers.
I don't want to be a waitress.
I'm going to go straight to the big time income the voice-over wormed.
I got in there and it was like, what, am I crazy?
This is someone else's industry.
You can't roll in and conquer it.
There's a clique, there's a hierarchy, a whole set of cacophonous characters, so I became a waitress.
CONAN: You're passionate about voice work, it's something you've always been interested in, and you have a bone to pick with the way women speak today, or some women.
LAKE BELL: Some women, not everyone.
I don't want to get on my soapbox here, but I'm going to get on my soapbox.
There is a pandemic rampant in this country and it's the girls who talk like that and adopt that.
CONAN: You mean grown women who talk like that.
LAKE BELL: Grown women.
They're victimized.
They have fallen prey to something, and it's two things, right?
It's pitch, right?
So it's talking really high, and then it's also the affectation, which is --
CONAN: Like Bill Hader's wife.
That's not how she talks, but -- and you see a lot of that happening, right?
It's a big thing in reality television.
LAKE BELL: See, I think that's the culprit.
I think it sort of started there.
I don't want to name names, but it sort of started somewhere and then blossomed and now is festering.
Not blossomed.
It's festering through this great nation, and it could be our demise.
CONAN: What a lovely thought.