1. Diana Nyad Gets Upstaged By Land-Crossing Fish

Diana Nyad Gets Upstaged By Land-Crossing Fish

This six pound rainbow trout is going to flop its way into the record books, IF it can make it past some dangerous ground.


Conan: Everybody is still talking about long distance swimmer Diana naiad's swim from cue be to Florida.
She swam 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage in just 52 hours.
Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to match her incredible endurance feat with one of our own, THE longest land crossing ever attempted by a fish.
That's right.
Tonight --
[Applause]   tonight, a six-pound rainbow trout in that bucket will attempt to cross 80 feet of dry studio to the bucket on the other side.
This trout has been training a lot, as you can see, he's been gradually increasing his distance every day, little by little in the hot Los Angeles sun.
But it all comes down to tonight.
Can we get a drum roll please?
Ready, set, go, fish, go!
There we go!
He's off.
Off to a fine start.
And his coach is nearby giving him moral support.
There's his coach.
His coach is egging him on.
There's a cat.
There's a cat.
Look, he's getting past the cat.
The cat has been restrained.
It looks like he's going to make it.
It looks like he's going to make it!
Andy Want some trout?
Conan: here, hold on.
Forget it.
We got a great show tonight.