1. Marco Rubio's Secret Rebuttal Reach Revealed

Marco Rubio's Secret Rebuttal Reach Revealed

CONAN Highlight: It wasn't water the Senator was reaching for, but it certainly explains why his mouth was so dry.


CONAN: Senator Marco Rubio gave the republican response to President Obama's State of the Union speech.
A lot of people are talking about it.
You can have your opinions one way or the other but there was one moment that made my wonder whether Rubio was the right choice to speak for the Republicans.
MARCO RUBIO: In the short time that I've been here in Washington, nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the ones the president laid out tonight.
The choice wasn't just between big government and big business, but --
CONAN: He could have waited, you know?
ANDY: They're trying to reach out to young people.
CONAN: Yeah, It worked.