1. Melissa Rauch's Accidental "Big Bang Theory" Masturbation Scene

Melissa Rauch's Accidental "Big Bang Theory" Masturbation Scene

Melissa was just trying to stay warm but to some people, it looked positively hot.


CONAN: Anything new going on?
Melissa: It's been going great so far.
The first episode of the season I had a little incident.
CONAN: Oh -- your character had it or you had an incident?
Melissa: Maybe I had it as the character.
We were shooting a scene.
I'm supposed to be in my hotel room bed.
In my own personal life whenever I get under the covers I am really cold so I pull the covers up really high and just leave my head out and warm up my hands like a boy scout starting a fire with sticks.
So I'm under the covers, because it's really cold there, and out of habit I'm doing this under the covers and we shot the scene and after --
CONAN: There is a studio audience?
Melissa: There is a studio audience.
After the scene our director and producer came over like, we need to see your hands in the next take.
It looked like you were having way too much fun under the covers.
CONAN: Really?
Melissa: Yeah.
And after the show we take our bows and I'm talking to people in the audience and a little boy says, did you shoot that scene again with your hands out?
Because my dad said it looked real hard.
CONAN: but my dad said he liked it.
My dad's under arrest.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Big bang.
Wow, yeah.
Because you can't --
Melissa: I called my mom to tell her and, which she asked me on the first episode when I told her and she was mortified and said, I hope people understand you weren't really doing that, you could have been fired --
CONAN: She’s acting like it's the 1940's.
Melissa: That's kind of my mom.
CONAN: That's charming.
Melissa: So every week something happens where she's like stop doing that, keep your hands to yourself!
CONAN: So your mom's Woody Allen?