1. Michael B. Jordan Got His Start On "All My Children"

Michael B. Jordan Got His Start On "All My Children"

All of Michael's friends started to hone their....dramatic...pauses to honor his soap opera day job.


CONAN: What happened to your hand?
I went to the dressing room and you have that cast.
What's going on?
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: Yeah, I almost didn't make it here today.
I didn't realize how many suit jackets and button-up suits I couldn't put my hand through.
CONAN: Did this happen recently?
My girlfriend and I were walking on the subways and she fell and I tried to break her fall and she landed on my hand and broke my fourth Metta carpal.
CONAN: You get so many points for that.
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: A little bit.
CONAN: Yeah.
Most guys with that cast are like I got drunk and I tried to put it in a mailbox.
You know?
You were trying to C.I.A. your girlfriend.
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: I tried to be the hero.
CONAN: That is fantastic.
I can't tell you how many women on staff are freaking out today.
They love you on "Friday night lights," and they loved your character so they were just insane that you were coming on the show.
Did "Friday night lights" change all that for you?
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: A little edge, you know.
I was the bad boy from Texas that got into a little trouble.
Girls like the bad guys every once in a while.
CONAN: In my experience they only like the bad guys.
I'd be like "but ladies, look at me."
That was a different problem.
Not back then.
I had nothing going on back then.
Did off pretty good game before you became an actor?
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: I didn't do too bad.
I didn't have any real troubles with the ladies but --
CONAN: Then I despise you.
Those stories don't amuse me at all.
No, they all seemed to come my way.
You are from Newark, New Jersey and when you started out in your opinion soap operas is that right?
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: I did, I started out on "all my children."
I was Susan Lucci's adopted kid.
CONAN: I love those plot lines.
How did your friends react when you showed up and you're on soap operas?
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: They would give me some [beep] for sure.
I was the black kid adopted by this white family and I had all those problems and I'm in a soap opera.
You know they have those daymatic pauses at the end of each segment.
Like did I leave something in the music and they have that dramatic music and all that stuff.
So my friends would do that to your face?
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: All the time.
CONAN: It's so good to see you.
MICHAEL B. JORDAN: And then on got on "the wire" and that changed.