1. Mike Tyson Is Buddies With Justin Bieber

Mike Tyson Is Buddies With Justin Bieber

Justin offered to whisk Mike away on a Bahamas vacation. We should all be BFFs with the Biebs.


Conan: I hear that you're friends with Justin Bieber.
What's that all about?
Mike: I like Justin Bieber a lot. He's pretty cool.
Conan: tell us about what it's like to hang out with Justin Bieber.
Mike: It's not like I hang out with Justin Bieber but a friend of mine called one day and he's an old friend of mine, marty is a big-time guy, he's like, hey, mike I got somebody who wants to talk to you.
He puts Justin on the phone and he caught me on a bad day.
He caught me on a bad day.
Conan: you were in a bad move.
Mike: Kind of.
My wife was giving it to me.
Justin son the phone, he's like, hey, man, what's up.
I'm like, stuff ain't good, this is happening, this is happening, I got to listen to this and I'm expecting him --
he's like, come out of it mike.
Go to the airport, go to the airport.
I'm like, why am I going to the airport? I said why, I don't got no money to catch a plane.
The guy's like -- I got to make a reservation.
He's like, no, just come.
I'm sitting on the plane.
Mike: Yeah, I'm married with two little kids, do you think my wife is going to -- I go, I'm going to go hang out with Justin Bieber, she's like, no you're not.
Conan: you married Fred sanford from "sanford and son."
Mike: Oh, no, no, no.
Conan: where did he want you to go?
Mike: I believe they were in the Bahamas.
Conan: he just calls you and sends a plane?
Mike: They think I'm still flying, I'm not.
I'm just -- I'm just stuck on the wall.
I'm not flying, I'm just stuck on the wall and I've got these two beautiful little baby, they're driving me nuts.
Conan: that's great -- oh, they're driving you nuts.
Mike: But good nuts.
Not bad nuts.
These are good nuts.
They run around like crazy.
But they're nuts.
They're nuts.
Conan: a nut allergy is what you're talking about.