1. Nap Valley: The Nappiest Place On Earth!

Nap Valley: The Nappiest Place On Earth!

It's America's favorite snooze-centric shop. But no sex and drugs allowed.


>> Do you need to take a nap but don't feel like going home?
Well, I'll put you to sleep at nap valley, the nappiest place on earth.
>> I'm performing a heart surgery in 20 minutes and I need to be well rested.
>> Sounds like you need a nap.
>> Sweet dreams.
It's that easy.
>> It's a siesta fiesta.
>> Have you heard the news, have you found the clues?
You can lose your blues if you take a snooze.
It's a nap rap.
We've got five beds, four pillows, a fully stocked pajama bar.
Need warm milk to sleep?
We've got the warmest milk in town.
And unlike other nap stores, we use blankets, not towels.
Towels are not blankets.
Hey, can I get a private room for me and my friend?
>> No.
>> That's OK, let's go find a toolshed.
>> We have no private rooms.
That's where people do bad stuff, like sex and drugs.
Instead, I'll be singing lullabies and spinning the wheel.
>> Hey, are you asleep yet?
>> So stop by our one convenient location in the locker room of a foreclosed gym in chino.
We have a map with your name on it.
That's a nap.
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: That's the worst business idea I've ever seen.
ANDY: Very bad business model.
CONAN: I love this new sponsor.